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Eleven is a market leader in modules and microprocessors designed for wireless audio for Home Theater, Multi-Room, Karaoke, iPod, and Pro Audio products. Eleven's XInC2 multithreaded processor was designed specifically for digital wireless audio applications but is also well suited for other realtime intensive microcontroller applications.

Eleven's high-performance modules, each equipped with a XInC2 wireless processor, are complete solutions for transporting wireless audio. Available in both the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz ISM bands, our modules are used by 5 of the "big 8" global consumer electronics giants. WFD™, Eleven's proprietary adaptive frequency hopping protocol, has a narrow footprint in the radio spectrum, allowing seamless coexistence with other devices and offering unparalleled Quality of Service. Eleven's modules come pre-programmed with a standard firmware feature set, which includes features such as remote volume and mute control, automatic RF Mating, and a bi-directional data channel for custom user applications.

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