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Applications Engineer

We are looking for someone to fill an exciting and challenging position, where, depending on how your skills fit in, you will be interfacing to and supporting customers in their product development and contributing to the internal R&D effort. We are looking for an Electrical or Computer Engineer that is organized, self motivated, likes dealing with people and is a natural problem solver. Unlike most companies, you will get the chance to have real responsibilities and contribute immediately, with opportunity to advance and get exposed to various aspects of the company over time. A focus will be placed on people skills and firmware/software abilities (assembly, C, C++), with a secondary focus on hardware design and analysis.

As a small group of young engineers, we have a lot of fun at work each day and get hands on with firmware, software and hardware development. We get a say in the work we do and how we do it. The office is casual, friendly and in the heart of downtown. Even if you have a job already, we invite you to apply and learn more, we might be just what you are looking for!

Check us out on page 16 of Alberta's Cool Companies magazine.

Account Manager

Based in Edmonton, the Account Manager is an experienced manager of fast-paced digital wireless Hi-Fi audio development projects. He/she drives projects for customers including some of the world's biggest consumer electronics brand names.

The Account Manager has demonstrated program management and customer liaison skills plus a honed, pragmatic ability for getting things done. He/she makes and executes commitments with numerous persons both inside and outside the firm, coordinating work in engineering, design and business disciplines. A Commerce degree is a plus. He/she has technical competence with a background in wireless and/or audio. An Electrical Engineering degree is a plus. The Account Manager travels to Asia, Europe and USA to interface with customers face to face and is also very effective at achieving results via teleconference. He/she coordinates actions of both internal engineering staff and customer's own personnel to ensure that the design phase is completed and the customer enters mass production of their wireless audio consumer products on schedule. Experience in managing people and projects is a prerequisite. The Account Manager aggressively protects project schedules and can be counted on to achieve deadlines every time.

Technical Sales

Join sales team for rapidly growing digital wireless audio module and semiconductor product line across global markets. Travel to interface with customers in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, primarily in the consumer electronics industry. Performance bonuses. Experience in technical selling is a must. Experience/understanding of audio and radio frequency technology is major plus. Business degree and/or Electrical Engineering degree major plus.

How to Apply

Is there an opportunity for me if there are no job postings?

If you have uncommon energy and knowledge in wireless or semiconductor technologies, or product development — yes, do send in your resume for our reference.

These resumes will be kept on file for 12 months and will be reviewed immediately if a new position occurs.

Am I eligible to work in Canada?

Eleven can hire a qualified candidate if they are permitted to work in Canada. This includes Canadian citizens and landed immigrants.

How should I prepare my resume?

Special formatting for enhancing the appearance of a cover letter and resume is accepted. However, also submit a plain text resume in the body of an email (avoid special formatting, underlining, and fancy fonts). We suggest 9 point type Geneva, Helvetica, or Times, all aligned to the left. These text formats are transferred to an electronic database.

Our team leaders search this database using keywords and phrases that describe the specific skills and knowledge. Therefore it is important that you include the name of the posting and any relevant skills, education, experience, computer applications, development tools, acronyms, and hobbies/interests in your resume.

Where applicable we also recommend references, project descriptions, and portfolios to be submitted as well.

How can I send in my resume?

We prefer to receive resumes electronically as they are easily transferable to our database. Paper resumes are forwarded to the appropriate team leader. NOTE: These paper resumes will not be scanned into the database for multiple team leader access.

Please choose one of the options below for submitting your resume:


Mail: If you're unable to use one of the electronic options above, you may submit your resume via the postal service.

FAX: 780-425-7006

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